(Kokyo Marathon)5km*No Finisher Mug Cup - 株式会社ディライト(DELIGHT Corporation)
(Kokyo Marathon)5km*No Finisher Mug Cup
(Kokyo Marathon)5km*No Finisher Mug Cup

(Kokyo Marathon)5km*No Finisher Mug Cup

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The race course is 1 lap around Imperial palace.


Final Registration: 15days before event(Friday) 
Bib  Shipping(only in Japan): 10days before event(Wedensday)  

09:50    Reception Open
10:00       Start available(you can when you like because net time timing.)
12:00        Timing service finish.

※There is no award ceremony. Result is announced on the web.
※Finisher mug cup would be sent in two weeks after the race.

■This product include
・Event registration and online finisher certificate sample certificate 
 ※Please be noted that timing service is only by timing chip and there is no video back up or other way. If you do not run out of chip detect area, we cannot provide result data. 

・Water station
・Minimum insurance


Terms of Application

Please read and fill in this application form after agreeing to the terms of application to participate in the sport event.

  1. I understand that cancellation of my entry or correction of entry information due to personal reasons cannot be made. I also understand that fees are non-refundable even if they are excessive or redundant.
  2. I understand that in case of an earthquake, wind and flood damage, lightning strike, incidents, accidents, snow, and epidemic, the organizers will each time decide whether and how much to scale down the event, whether to cancel it, whether and how much to refund entry fees, and how to notify participants of such decisions.When canceled, I accept  refund 50% of fee by coupon available only on official web site for one year. I also understand there is no refund by cash  like when I do not participate in the race anymore.
  3. I declare that I am not suffering from any diseases, including heart disease, and that I will pay attention to my physical condition and make appropriate preparations for the event. I also declare that I will participate in the event at my own risk with regard to diseases, accidents, and losses.
  4. If the organizers consider it necessary to discontinue the event, I will immediately follow the instructions of the organizers and comply with any other instructions from the organizers with regard to safety management and operation of the event.
  5. I declare that I have no objection to first aid being given to me in the event of an accident or a disease during the event and that I will not hold the organizers liable for any treatment and progression of such disease or accident.
  6. I declare that I will exempt the organizers from responsibility for any accidents, loss, or injuries arising during the event and will not claim any compensation for them.
  7. I understand that I will be compensated for any accidents, incidents, or injuries arising during the event to the extent of the coverage of the insurance policy purchased by the organizers.
  8. I declare that my family members, parents (if I am under age), and other relatives or my team members (in case of an entry by a team) consent to the participation in this sports event.
  9. I declare that I will not make a false declaration in the application (age, sex, etc.) and will not transfer my entry to anyone else. If such dishonest acts are uncovered, I will follow any decisions of the organizers, such as revocation of participation or award and disqualification of the following sports events. The organizers shall bear no responsibility for aid or refund for such entrant as makes a false declaration or transfers his/her entry to anyone else.
  10. I understand that the images, photographs, articles, records of the sports event (including entrants’ personal information such as names, ages, sex, records, and figures) will be reported, posted, or used on newspapers, TV, magazines, Internet, brochures, etc. and that the organizers hold the right of posting and using such information.
  11. The handling of personal information of the applicants shall be subject to the personal information policy of the organizers as stated separately.
  12. All participants shall understand and accept timing service is only by chip timing.
    I declare that I do not request result data from video back up or no other way to recover or get result data.
    If I lost chip during race, I understand my result is not available. If I run out of area chip timing equipment cannot detect, I also understand my result is not available and do not blame organizer and do not request any kind of compensation.
  13. All participants for Finisher Mug Cup shall understand and accept the following:
    I understand that Finisher Mug Cup is available only for Finisher. If I  started race and could not reach finish in time, I understand and accept point is given available for one year on official web site.  I also understand that fees for mug cup is non-refundable even if I am absent from the race or cannot reach finish during race.
  14. All participants shall observe the Terms of Application and the terms and conditions of the sports event as stipulated separately by the organizers.

(If there is a discrepancy between the provisions of this Terms of Application and the terms and conditions of the sports event, the terms and conditions of the sports event shall prevail.)

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