Community revitalization

Regional revitalization project through sports tourism

We will contribute to the local community by providing know-how and funds and supporting the organizers with the concept of sports tourism.  Most of events are  run or bike events.

Why sports event is good?

We understand that sporting events are transient and are only a trigger. However, for an event to be successful, it is necessary to combine the power of many people in the community, such as the local government, chamber of commerce, women's association, media, and event staff, for the same direction. In this process, new opportunities for relationships are created.

If you are an organization that wants to start a new event, please contact us. We can consider both organizing and management support.

Evaluation of the project

We use the following formula as a benchmark to quantify and evaluate the economic contribution to the community. Although there is an indirect effect (inducement effect), I personally have doubts about the calculation of the inducement effect, so I do not dare to reflect it in the index.

Event economic index = (direct effect - subsidies from government) / (Participation fee income)

*Definition of terms

Direct effect Participation fee income + compensation for deficits + participant consumption + sponsorship fees + merchandise sales (event photos, etc.)
Participation fee income Total participation fee income.
Participant Spending Amount Amount spent by runners, accompanying persons, and supporters along the route
(transportation, lodging, meals, so.
Sponsorship/other income Sponsorship income, media income, etc.



Organizing Achievements

KEP(Cambodia) Miyajima island(Hiroshima, Japan) Tsushima island(Ehime,  Japan)
Event economic index] TBD Event economic index: 210% Event economic index:
1st event  340%
2nd event 290%
Date: Sunday, February 15,2015
Venue: KEP( Resort area )
Participant's nationality: 10 countries
(France, Germany, U.S.A., Philippines, Canada, Cambodia, Australia, UK, Japan, Ireland)

Date: Sunday, April 5, 2015
Participants Over 1000 people
Supported by Local Board of Education
Media Partners
 Local radio station
 GetsHiroshima (media for foreigners)
First Session: Sunday, April 5, 2015
Second session: Sunday, November 8, 2015
We provided know-how, funding, and planning and management support for a half-marathon in a resort area from scratch, and participants from 10 countries competed in a healthy leg race.

Support for funding, planning and management from scratch.

More than 1,000 entry during 1 month registration period.

Support for funding, planning and management from scratch.