What is DELIGHT Assistant

<What is DELIGHT Assistant>
A B2B SaaS for large-scale call centers that both improves user satisfaction and significantly reduces costs.
It is a B2B SaaS service for large-scale call centers that both improves user satisfaction and significantly reduces costs.
Realize a call center that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at a low cost.
Change the processing flow according to customer attributes (e.g., for economy class customers vs. business class customers, etc.)
Automation is achieved by linking with other internal systems to reduce the number of man-hours required to handle calls. Automation can be achieved in conjunction with other in-house systems, reducing the need for manpower.
・Capable of handling 30 languages and acquiring phone numbers in 50 countries.

Outbound call handling operations
a. Financial related services such as reminder of scheduled payment dates, reminders, and confirmation of scheduled payment dates.
(A list of the hearing contents will be downloaded to a spreadsheet at a later date). b. Logistics operations such as shipping and package arrival.

b. Logistics-related communications such as shipping and package arrival

b. Health status hearings for those with positive PCR tests using the automated dispatch function

c. Outbound operations such as opinion polls and post-use questionnaires for customers who have agreed to be interviewed by an AI phone, and the results can be downloaded in a spreadsheet at a later date (to improve operator work efficiency). 

(Improvement of operator efficiency), etc.

Incoming call handling operations
(1) Although human response is outsourced, it is a hassle to call back and it is felt to be an issue.
2. answering machine operation is a hassle, so we want AI to listen to the message and transmit the contents via e-mail, etc. 3. 24/7/365 support / We want to be able to use the answering machine to respond to calls from customers.

3. 24/7/365 support / large scale simultaneous incoming call support is needed
 This is especially suitable for services related to daily life, benefit inquiries, etc. 4.

4. reduce the burden of recruiting and training telephone staff, and reduce the risk of retirement

(5) Under the corona situation, the work day is divided into teams to prevent infected patients, which makes it difficult to answer the phone.

6. many people are calling with similar questions, which is taking up even more time when there are only a few staff in the office. 7.

7. the staff is fatigued. 8.

8. looking for a system that can handle the calls first, and only transfer calls or record them if they cannot be handled by the system, etc.